Extrusion tooling design and manufacture
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Extrusion tooling design and manufacture МАТРИЦЫ
получение изделия с поперечным сечением нужной формы
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Our company designes, engineers and manufactures such extrusion tooling like dies and calibrators which are used for extrusion of PVC molded products suitable for production lines with capacity 20 to 700 kg/h.

To manufacture our products we use such world leading CNC equipment like Sodic, Fanuc, Finetech, KMT, as well as certified steel grades for difficult operating conditions

All the tooling take hours-long testing at our extrusion lines before commissioning by the customer. When it's possible, we test the tooling using material offered by the customer, or material made with customer's material formula, because testing this way helps to avoid possible problems in the process of extrusion of profile.

Steel grade

DIN 1.2316

Steel premium

DIN 1.2892 PH X Supra

We are constantly improving and developing the production of tooling for profile systems, working on increasing productivity and quality.

Extrusion tooling manufacture

Our manufacture is based on a computer-aided engineering (CAE) system and CAM system. Innovative decisions let us to almost exclude hand work and as a result helps us to reduce cost and saves time.

Using complex CAX-system allows us to make 2D/3D models, evaluate mechanical and material science properties of a future product, prepare necessary programs for CNC machinery.

We apply our own technical innovations which increase the tools’ operating life – as a result our clients get benefits.

Manufacture details
To calibrate the outer surface of products
Extrusion tool
Special, high-strength shapes
Forming products of different sizes and structures
Cooling tank
Used to cool the extrudate

Extrusion tool

Masterplast manufactures extrusion tooling for the following types of molded products:

Our products

Stages of production

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Using complex CAD systems, working out 2D and 3D models
Assessment of mechanical, physical and other relevant properties of a future product
We use the world leading CNC machinery brands for manufacture
All the tooling take hours-long testing before commissioning by the customer

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